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Workshare Professional는 보안과 정확한 문서 중심의 협력을 위한 문서 비교, 메타 데이터 제거 및 파일 공유 기능을 포함한 제품입니다.

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Workshare Professional (12 Month Subscription) 라이센스 312,900원 → 견적가능
Workshare Compare (12 Month Subscription) 라이센스 259,200원 → 견적가능
Workshare Protect (12 Month Subscription ) 라이센스 53,700원 → 견적가능
Workshare Connect User Control (12 Month Subscription) 라이센스 134,100원 → 견적가능
Workshare Connect User & Data Control (12 Month Subscription) 라이센스 268,200원 → 견적가능

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Workshare Professional는 보안과 정확한 문서 중심의 협력을 위한 문서 비교, 메타 데이터 제거 및 파일 공유 기능을 포함한 제품입니다.

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Workshare Professional


With input often required from multiple parties, document review cycles can be a bottleneck in the document production lifecycle. Workshare Professional 9 takes the pain out of the process. Users can manage multiple versions of documents seamlessly to speed up the review cycle and ensure the highest level of accuracy.

  • View all changes within a document, whether it’s to text, tables, or diagrams/images within Word or PDF files
  • See document changes in one simple view for faster navigation and review cycles
  • Compare documents directly from a DMS or ECM system, including SharePoint, HP Worksite, OpenText, and Documentum
  • Apply agreed changes directly in the DeltaView Redline, without shifting between applications


Business documents often contain more information than is visible. Sensitive data, otherwise known as metadata, can be hidden within documents and inadvertently shared by users. Metadata can include track changes and comments in Word, or hidden cells in Excel. Workshare Professional 9 mitigates risk by identifying metadata within documents and ensuring only the information users intend to share, is shared.

  • Automatic alert of metadata within documents sent via Outlook
  • Options to remove metadata, convert file to PDF or replace attachment with a secure link
  • Set access restrictions to content, including expiry dates and password-protected PDF files


Share high-value content as secure online links and provide recipients with review features that progress documents faster.

  • Share large files as secure links directly from Outlook or Microsoft Office
  • Keep control of documents with authenticated access to, and permissions over content
  • Enable online commenting to replace complex email exchanges
  • Provide recipients with controlled access to content from any device

Collaborative Authoring

During review cycles managing changes and controlling versions, while maintaining the integrity of documents, is a challenge. Workshare Professional replaces unnecessary noise and complexity with a clear, streamlined review process that allows users to understand, discuss and implement changes better, evolving document versions faster.

  • Get an Automatic Change Notification when changes have been made to attachments received by email after a review
  • Apply agreed changes directly in the DeltaView Redline for faster and more streamlined review cycles
  • Share to Workshare Connect directly from Microsoft Word or Compare for anytime, anywhere access


With multiple repositories and methods of sharing files, document owners risk version control issues and information overload. Workshare Professional ties together document sources and the workflow users are familiar with, with tools to increase the efficiency of reviews and comply with document management processes - all under the control of the document owner.

  • Tight integration with iManage, OpenText and other popular ECM/DMS solutions
  • Two-way sync whenever a new version is added to either the DMS or Workshare Connect
  • Sync full activity logs back to DMS to provide full visibility over the documents while living in Workshare Connect
Workshare Connect


Drag-and-drop files of any size into Workshare and easily share them with people inside or outside the organization.

  • Access content via desktop or mobile devices
  • Securely share files with individuals and teams, internally or externally
  • Receive notifications when recipients access shared content
  • Set validation, access rights, and expiration date restrictions


Having easy access to files, anytime and anywhere, is necessary to ensure users remain productive no matter where they are working from, but some file sharing and sync options for consumers lack sufficient security and control. By offering sync features that allow easy access to files when users need them, Workshare combines the mobility and simplicity users want with the level of security and control IT groups require to keep content secure.

  • Sync content across desktop and mobile devices for secure access
  • Access files online or offline to remain productive at all times
  • A powerful search feature allows users to find the content they’re looking for quickly (i.e. by title, folder, file, or words inside the document)


Working on projects with groups of people over email can be a complex and an inefficient way of working. The challenges of version control, collating feedback, and managing the overall process can end up jeopardizing the success of a project. Workshare Connect provides secure online workspaces that allow users to access, review, and work on content with complete version control, all in one place, making collaboration simple.

  • Create secure central workspaces to store, access, and collaborate on content internally and with external parties
  • Use positional comments to share feedback and discuss ideas around content
  • Identify document changes at a glance and run online comparisons
  • Control who can access and view shared files


Smarter collaboration, review and sharing of ideas, feedback and of course your most valuable documents. Groups free us from the limitations of email and shared folders, while maintaining control that satisfies the unique requirements of high value business document ownership. Collaboration is contextualized, changes are easy to understand, and notifications are obvious to ensure everyone’s kept up-to-date.

  • Evolve business documents from draft to completion faster in an active online collaboration space
  • Document owners and reviewers work together in a flexible but structured way
  • Home page notifications, what’s new indicators and live conversation alerts mean never missing a thing


Mobile working is a way of life. The modern professional needs to stay productive on-the-go. Workshare provides users with quick and easy access to content and keeps those working from a mobile device informed of real-time updates.

  • Workshare’s intelligent search engine tailors results, displaying what is most relevant at the top of the page
  • Add annotations to a document and mark-up relevant areas
  • Compare two versions of a document on-the-go, to quickly and accurately view what has changed


Users need to have access to files held in their document management or enterprise content management systems beyond the corporate firewall. Workshare makes this possible by offering secure packaged DMS and ECM system integrations. Securely access, share, and collaborate in real-time on documents outside of the DMS or ECM system, while maintaining absolute control.

Workshare provides integrations with HP Autonomy, SharePoint, Documentum, NetDocuments, and OpenText.

Workshare Compare


Working with a group on a project can become extremely cumbersome, especially when it comes to the review cycle. Multiple versions are passed around on email, and it is difficult to decipher the differences between them, or even identify the original file. Workshare Compare enables users to easily compare documents to easily identify and review changes. Users can then apply changes to multiple versions from the same application or from within Word, increasing accuracy and speeding up review processes.

  • Select versions to compare from within Office or Workshare Compare
  • Users can accept or reject changes and apply them from within Word or Workshare Compare
  • The DeltaView file can be saved as a new version and shared


Depending on what stage of the review a file is in, certain changes become more relevant. At the beginning of a review, content and the order it’s in matters; while during the final stages, punctuation and grammar become important. Accurately see what’s changed, regardless of the length or complexity of a document.  Workshare Compare provides the most advanced review - the ability to group changes helps make navigating comparisons faster.

  • View and sort by specific types of change (from formatting to replacements)
  • A three-pane view shows the original, modified, and DeltaView
  • Save changes in DeltaView and export as Word Track Changes


Documents can live anywhere. Tracking down and comparing versions to determine which is the most up-to-date version can be difficult. Whether the content resides in a Document Management System (DMS), Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system or Outlook, users should be able to use one tool for reviewing and comparing versions. Workshare Compare tightly integrates with Outlook, DMSs and ECM systems, integrating with existing workflows so that users can easily compare file versions without having to switch between different applications.

  • Open documents for comparison directly from the DMS and ECM systems
  • Compare documents with the version contained in the system of record
  • Work with comparisons as part of the established review workflow
Workshare Protect

METADATA REMOVAL & Management Software

Sensitive data can be hidden within documents and inadvertently sent outside your organization. Track changes and comments in Word, notes in PowerPoint or hidden formulas in Excel can damage business reputation, or result in costly data breaches.


Workshare Protect is a document protection tool that identifies and cleans metadata from documents, removing the risk of unintentional data leakage.

  • Protect identifies and cleans hidden sensitive data from documents
  • Remove the risk of unintentional data leakage
  • Set policies to automatically clean attachments based on specific criteria


Share high-value content as links to Workshare Connect and provide recipients with collaboration features that make reviews simpler and faster.

  • Share large files as links directly from Outlook or Microsoft Office
  • Keep control of documents with authenticated access to, and permissions over content
  • Enable online commenting to eliminate complex email exchanges
  • Give reviewers controlled access to content from any device


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